All state and local preliminaries in the Miss U.S. Latina® pageant system are required to conform to established rules and regulations for
participants in this program; however, these contests are licensed events operated separately and independently of the Miss Latin America
Organization. Organizacion Miss America Latina, Inc. owns all the tradenames in the Miss Latina America® / Miss U.S. Latina® Pageant system.
Their unauthorized used is strictly prohibited in exact form or in any similarly confusing manner.
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How old are the competitions?
The MISS LATIN AMERICA® OF THE WORLD and MISS U.S. LATINA® competitions began as concurrent events in 1981 in
Miami, Florida; MISS TEEN US LATINA™ made its debut in September 2003 in Riviera Maya, Mexico, but it was put on-hold after
the 2009 Nationals. It resumed production in 2015.

Are these competitions different from others in the USA for Latinas?
Yes. MISS U.S. LATINA® is the first national competition established in the country exclusively for Latinas and it continues to
be the ONLY one whose winner advances in representation of the USA to the international MISS LATIN AMERICA OF THE
WORLD Pageant. It is the most prestigious and famous pageant in the world for Latinas, as well as the longest-running.
HISTORY  since 1983.)  It is also the only national Latina pageant in the USA that follows traditional pageant guidelines,
among which is that delegates may not be married or have children, and only one delegate can represent each state.

What are the competitions about?
In 1981, legendary Mexican TV host Raul Velasco produced the first national pageant for Latinas in the US and the franchise
to select the representative from Miami, Florida was awarded to entertainer and musical show producer Acirema Alayeto.
When that competition closed after two years, Ms. Alayeto established the international MISS LATIN AMERICA pageant
system to showcase Latin American women and support their personal and professional pursuits, contributing also to the
promotion of tourism and goodwill in the Americas.

Who produces these competitions?
Organizacion Miss America Latina, Inc., a Florida corporation, produces the pageants annually and directs a network of
affiliates in the USA and worldwide. Pageant licenses are awarded to operate state and national pageants around the
world to select winners to the MISS/Teen U.S. LATINA and MISS LATIN AMERICA OF THE WORLD Pageants, respectively. It is
the largest and oldest pageant system exclusively for Latinas in the world. The Pageant Organization and its President/Founder
have received awards and recognitions from Presidents, Tourism Ministers, Governors, and Mayors here and abroad for their
distinguished work and objectives. (See some published at the
ORGANIZATION page of this website.)

Where are these competitions held?
Initially held in Miami, Florida, since 1986 both MISS LATIN AMERICA OF THE WORLD and MISS U.S. LATINA have taken
place in exotic locations in different Latin American countries each year. For US delegates, this has represented an exciting
opportunity to identify more firmly with their heritage and provide them with an enriching cultural experience. Host countries in
the past have been Costa Rica, Bolivia, Mexico, El Salvador, Argentina, Guatemala, Peru, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Dominican
Republic. (See
HISTORY  for more details and photos.)

How do the delegates get to the national competition?
Cities and states have preliminary competitions, which are produced by local and state directors. The winner of the local
competition advances to compete in her state's pageant, with state winners advancing to the national competition. A delegate
may also enter a state competition without having won a city or local title, and where there are no state preliminaries, she may
apply for her state’s representation as an at-large delegate. MISS U.S. LATINA goes on to represent the USA at the annual
MISS LATIN AMERICA OF THE WORLD Pageant. There is no international competition for Teens.

Must delegates be US citizens to participate in the National competition?
No. The competition is open to anyone residing legally in the US and meets all the other eligibility requirements for participation.

Can someone born in another country and living in the US represent that country in Miss Latin America® of the World?
No. Delegates to the MISS LATIN AMERICA OF THE WORLD Pageant must participate in the competition of their respective
countries of residence to win that representation. However, “heritage” representation is available in the MISS/Teen U.S. LATINA
competitions for those living in the US that want to represent their birth place or that of their parents/grandparents.

What prizes do the winners receive?
Each title winner is awarded cash and prizes from the pageant and its sponsors.

Who sponsors the events?
Barceló Hotels & Resorts has been the major sponsor of the MISS LATIN AMERICA and  MISS U.S. LATINA competitions
since 2000. Eastern States Exposition sponsored the Miss U.S. Latina and Miss Teen US Latina Pageants in 2006. Past
sponsors have also included ORS Hair Care, Pepsi-Cola, Max Factor, Wella, Meadow Gold Dairy and Macy’s, to name a few.
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